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What is Subdomain ?

Sub-domain is a part of Primary domain like you have a domain with name of and you want to make a sub domain mean an additional part of a your domain that may be news or anything else for example (news.) this is your subdomain this name depends on you can keep it whatever you want.

There are few Steps you have to follow theme to make subdomain

First you have to make sure that you have a domain and cPanel’s user ID and Password. If you have then go ahead open any browser and type you domain name example and add slash and cpanel example

Second you have to hit the search button then you will see login panel of cPanel of your website

Third put your username and password to login into your cpanel dashboard where you can make your subdomain.

Forth after putting your username and password you will be redirected to your cpanel dashboard, where you can see a lot of thing related web site management tabs, Now you have to find out domain section and under it you will see subdomain hit it .

Fifth you will be redirected on subdomain creation page, now times come to create sub domain choose your name and enter it and hit the create button,

Here is Video Guide