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Installing WordPress On cPanel is very easy and simple

Follow these steps

First Step : You have to login in c Panel with your username and password open a browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Fire Fox it depends on you whatever browser you have open it and search your website name with c panel example and hit the search button.

Now you will see the login page Put your username and password

Second Step: after putting your username and password you will be redirected to c panel dashboard where you have to search WordPress under softaculous apps installer.

Third Step: Hit the word Press for installing process, after hitting it you will be redirected on the installation page, then you have to press the install button.

Step Forth: After Pressing installation button you are ready to install WordPress, now you have to fill out some necessary fields like FTP and Domain and a Directory of website

FTP file transfer protocol means http:// or https:// or www. https://www. http://www. thres are protocols one them you have to choose i suggest you that choosethe https:// because it is seo friendly and it makes you eligible for payment integration on your eCommerce store.

Domain Choose your domain on which you want to install wordpress if you have subdomain then you can choose them for installing wordpress.

Website Directory Do not fill this field and leave it as it is.

After that you can put your website name and it’s tagline whatever you want, example my website regarding technology then i choose a techy name, like ‘Daily Tech’ and tagline will be learn technology every single day with me. i knew it’s not good name but you can choose better tahn me for your website.

Step Fifth: Now your are on the last stage of instillation, now you have to do only few things, fill the admin username and password and a working email … for example admin username is admin and password @Admin123, it looks like secure password, i suggest you that make a strong password, and don’t forget to enter working email id … why i am telling you about working id, because if you forgot your password in future then you need to reset it again that time you will need reset link from WordPress and WordPress sends that link to on which email you have entered at installation time.

Last Step: Now hit the install, your installation will be completed with in few minutes .

Video Guide you watch here